About us

FB Ceramics, the ceramics and restoration studio, was born out of the desire to share my experience and passion of this artistry. 

was born in 1981 and I live in Rome. I have followed courses in ceramics, painting and decorationsince my adolescence, and these experiences have led me to restoration. 

I graduated with honors after a three-year professional training course for Collaborator Restorer of Cultural Heritage at the Italian Institute of Arts, Crafts and Restoration in Rome. 

I have worked in several conservative restoration works and sites, such as: 

  • the frescoed rooms in a Palladian villa in Asolo 
  • the Belvedere hall of the Palazzo della Consulta in Rome 
  • the frescoed rooms, stone portals, decorated wooden ceiling and painted walls of the Palazzo Rospigliosi in Zagarolo 
  • the facade of the monument of the Bank of Italy with headquarters in Via Nazionale in Rome 
  • the conservative restoration of the vaults of the Palazzo Venezia museum and of the Chapel of the Passion in the church of Gesù 
  • also in Rome, restoration of paintings on canvas and wood, both oil and tempera, decorated wooden frames and restoration of ceramics and wood. 

In the fields of artistic ceramics and ceramics restoration, I was trained at the Laboratory of Applied Arts in Rome, and in ceramic sculpture, at the ornamental arts schools of the city of Rome; I have also attended several ceramic intensive courses and  workshops, such as Mara Funghi’s Raku course in Sorano (Tuscany) and those organized by Mondoceramica at De Ruta.