Classes and events

Ceramics Classes and Events

Our goal is to help participants acquire skills and experiences that allow them to create objects that are the result of their own imagination.

Our Classes

All Classes Include:


  • Brief introduction on ceramic mixtures
  • Molding techniques (freehand, plate, colombino)
  • Processing techniques on raw earth (engraving, inlay, engobing)
  • Decoration techniques on terracotta (enamel, crystalline and over-colored colors, crystalline). 

Classes for Adults

These courses are open to people of all ages, with or without any previous experiene in the field of ceramics.

Structured in weekly events, the classes are about 2 hours long. 

It is possible to start at any time of the year, as each participant is guided according to the individual experiences and skills in learning the different modeling and decorating techniques.

Classes for Children

We also offer lessons for children.

These courses are modelled based on their needs and have a variable duration.

These classes can also be shared by the parents.